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Few things improve a home like a kitchen renovation. With Smith Homes & Remodeling Services, you’re guaranteed results with your kitchen remodeling in Marco Island, FL that exceed even your highest expectations. Whether it’s material improvements and updates to your current kitchen layout, a complete spatial redesign or even a commercial kitchen, we satisfy the demands of Marco Island, FL customers who want more from their kitchens.


Our experienced remodeling team handles everything—from plumbing and electrical to carpentry and countertops. We leave no part of your kitchen untouched as we raise the bar for luxury, utility, versatility and value. Call us today and get started with a free estimate.

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Remodeling your kitchen is a great investment for your home, and one that increases the value of your property. When it’s time to remodel your kitchen, the expert remodeling team from Smith Homes & Remodeling Services will walk you through the process, listening to your vision and offering expert advice on the best kitchen remodeling options for your home.


Ready to breathe new life into your kitchen? Residential or commercial, Smith Homes & Remodeling Services. provides the complete remodeling services necessary to transform this space into the best version of itself. Contact us today at (239) 389-8850 to begin discussing design ideas, budget and your needs with a contractor who knows how to deliver on them.

Kitchen Countertops and Appliance Installation

At Smith Homes & Remodeling Services, we have nearly four decades of experience in professional kitchen remodeling. We have a highly skilled crew, and we offer fair prices with great customer service. Whether you need a brand new kitchen installed, or need to expand your kitchen, we can do it all. We’re your go-to kitchen remodeling contractor that can assist with your entire project, from start to finish.


We are a home remodeler serving clients in Marco Island, FL and surrounds. Call us today at (239) 389-8850 for a free estimate and more information on our remodeling services.

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